MAR 30.2002.16:55
This is my real first entry, that I actually know what I'm doing. Ryan's over, and today we blew up a lighter. lol..hehe, It was so funny. It's amazing what you can do with some boot protector. Yesterday was amazing, the whole firework thing, and everything. Eek...We found Allison's house!!! That was also great...This journal thing rocks. I hope we don't get in trouble on Tuesday, even though we didn't throw any paperclips. It's Easter Eve, tomorrow I'm getting a video game, and going to my cousin's house. Nicole's the best...but, then there's this little feeling hidden behind my heart for Allison. I can't like Allison, I think I have a better chance with Nicole anyway. Sherryy...Sherrrryy baby.. lol, this song is great. Franky Valley- Sherry. Download it now. Now I'm listening to "Eye of the Tiger", It could psyche anyone up....It's really good. "It's the eye of the tiger.." I love this song!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Ok, now...I can't wait until San Antonio, only one more month! I can't get in any more trouble, and I am still worried about Tuesday, I don't really know why, Jacki told me things that calmed me down for a while, I mean, I didn't throw any paperclips, so why worry? That's true, plus they might even forget...I hope either they forget, or it's about paperclips. I hope it's about the paperclips. I think Mrs. Rushin said it was. I should have nothing to worry about. Ryan has to go now...ugh. I can't wait til tomorrow, I'm like a little kid. I love nicole. I love nicole. I'm tired...and dirty. lol...I am gonna stay up late tonight and probably watch SNL.. Gotta go.