APR 01.2002.23:23
Well, I wonder if I actually did it right this time. I don't know. I got Sonic for Easter, and it rocks. I am also going to get James Bond...love that game. I'm listening to Mest's Cadillac...What a good song. Then there's K's Choice, and they rock...they rock.....I'm mad a few certain people right now, but who needs them anyway. I wanna play guitars with Ryan...it's a nice day. I have to babysit, and I'm home alone, and I have to do my stupid Language Arts thing. That, I do not want to do...The Osbournes are on tomorrow, a must watch. I'm listening to Nirvana....whoo hoo...Allison's really pissing me off, as well as Courtney. Bitches. I have better friends, much better friends. Smells like teen spirit. Load up on guns, bring your friends, it's fun to lose and to pretend, she's overboard, self-assured, oh no...a dirty word. I love that song! I don't plan on getting in trouble tomorrow :(...I won't. I have to color a sheet for spanish..ah! It's not like I've done enough of those. I am going to have a great summer, but a better spring. Yes, San Antonio is exactly one month away...I cannot wait! Rock On!!!!!!!!! *solo* WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!! Who can play the solo perfectly? Andrew can! lol...yeah....I rock. I'm not really bored, because this journal rocks. Hello Hello Hello How low? I dunno what he says...I hate school. I hate Penn Estates, for some reason it's just the worst place to be in the Poconos...ok new song...is...K's Choice- Not An Addict. Man, great song. GREAT song. I love this song...for some reason.. I don't know why..I wanna go for another bike ride...just not like the other one.