MAR 09.2002.23:59
i'm up later than i really should be. i have to get up really early tomorrow (7:30) to help with the blood drive at my church. i'm doing it with the youth group because they need all the help they can get. plus, we work for free. that's definitely a plus for them. um, i think i've figured out how the journals are gonna be set up. it's really confusing, but it'll all be pretty when it's done. my eyes are kinda starting to close as i type, so i better just finish this up and call it quits, even though i find that very very hard when i'm doing something i enjoy. this, i definitly enjoy doing. hopefully my parents'll bribe the guidance counselor to let me in to the Intro to C++ course next year. i really want to get it done so i can get on and go to the advanced C++ course, which i know will be somewhat of a challenge for me. ::cross his fingers:: too bad i'm choosing my classes last. dang. goodnight world!
MAR 09.2002.17:04