MAR 11.2002.19:36
what a piece of ****. camelback is closed at night for the rest of the season. this just sucks. me and my mom get all ready to go up there, and on the way, at the place where i rent my board, the guy gives us the awful news. as of sunday, there are no night skiing sessions at all for the rest of the season. now my mom and her friend have a billion tickets that are going to go to waste, unless i go friday with my brother or something. no school friday. holy crap. that's just awesome. well i guess the rest of my night is going to have to be working on transeksual. i gotta go take out my contacts. they're pissing me off.
MAR 11.2002.17:46
i can't wait till college. i'm sick. sick of this crap. my mom's friend has tons of extra lift tickets. i'm gonna try and screw some out of her. then i'm going back to camelback and snowboard for probably the last time. the Mest cd is awesome. everyone pick it up. it's titled, 'destination unknown'. i'm just gonna blow up, just as 'lysha said. SABADAAAHHHH i'm going snowboarding, WHOO! i can't wait, i gotta put in my contacty contact thingies that allow me to touch my eyeball. i love dose. bai bi.