MAR 12.2002.20:20
today, was a fun day. a day full of laughs. a day full of playfulness. first, school was always. so my day started at 3:30. i hurredly called zac to find out where me and billy were gonna meet, considering my brother was online and was not in the mood to disconnect and i have no idea what billy's phone number is. so anyway, i mumble to zac for about half and hour and find out that billy is going to get a ride up to the end of the road, which road? supposedly the end of oak hill. me, being the moron i am thought billy meant the crossroad between oak hill and fish hill. i walk outside, after leaving a brief message to my mommy on the message board and start my long journey off into the open, gravel paved road. i decide to find billy and then go pick up amanda at her house. i walk begin walking down oak hill hoping to find billy walking towards me from the end of the road, where we were supposed to meet. many cars pass by, me looking in every one of them seeing if billy's ride decided to drive him up further than he expected. none of the cars held billy, through my eyes. then i think, and say, "hey, why shouldn't i just go get amanda myself and then walk down to billy?" so i start walking up the hill and see a billy walking down the hill towards me. i'm like, w-t-f. his sister drove him up oak hill, passing me, and dropped him off at my house. (don't i feel like a fool) so we laughed at the bad luck we had meeting each other and begin on our way to amanda's house. after playing with the oh so many turtles on her lawn and doormat, we ring her bell. no answer. we ring again. still, no answer. at this point, i'm pissing and we look around the house. no one home, except for the limp body slouching on the couch. we take off, leaving amanda and the limp body alone and walk down to zac's house, since his mom wouldn't let him come up with billy. me and billy get to zac's house eventually, by now it's about 4:40, and we decide to ring his doorbell. so we do, and out comes zac. it was like, we pressed the button and summoned the daemon. then our fire marathon chicken thing began. we lit everything. our hands, our faces, a candle type bouncy ball that didn't bounce, acorns, rocks, lighters, shoes, sticks, did i mention our hands? next time we're gonna get a video camera and record ourselves playing chicken over a flaming lighter, waiting for it to explode beneath our crotches. next time we're gonna get you billy. we'll get you. ::shakes his fist up in the air like a mad man with road rage::. let this being a warning to you. heehehehee. after that we just bombarded zac's house and billy made up a theme song to each item in zac's ItemCollection. wah. daria bit my crotch dang it. ::cringes::. i love daria. ahh. ::kissies daria::. zac showed me the oh-so-magnificently-filled-with-hot-girls video from Chrono Cross. i think he had seks with them. ::shrugs::. this is getting kinda lengthy, so i'll make it a short ending. um, my mom picked me and dropped off billy at his house. guitarrr... ::drools::.