MAR 17.2002.16:59
after getting back from the mall, i unpackaged my neatly shrink-wrapped game and popped in the cd. an amazing intro left me and my parents in awe. i just couldn't wait to get my hands on it and start driving like a madman. as a matter of fact, that's precisely the next thing i did.

at electronics boutique i was trying to decide which game to purchase with my $20 voucher i had previously saved from buying the Xbox package. i ended up choosing RallySport Challenge over Jet Set Radio Future. this really old guy helped me choose. he has like ever game on the face of the earth, and he knows a lot about each of them, including what platforms they all came out on and stuff. dang, i should've got his number. ahahaa, that's like the commercial where the guy helps the old lady across the street and like flirts with her. then when she leaves him he says he forgot to get her number. lmao.

also, at the mall, i picked up some of the magical fluid i cherish oh-so-much. i have a feeling this can is going to go pretty quickly. and for those who have no freakin idea what the **** i'm talking about, screw you. gay fye didn't have the new Modest Mouse cd i was looking for. that just sucks. hopefully soon i'll get a copy somewhere. for those who don't know who they are, download (Modest Mouse - 3rd Planet), the opening song to their album Mood & Antarctica. i have language arts homework to do. actually, i have to write a few poems. so that means i'll be posting some more on here later tonight probably. my new screen name on aim is d1g174l 0n3. remember it.