MAR 30.2002.16:45
at andrew's house right now. just showing him how to work his journal. hopefully he'll get it so he can do it on his own when i leave. this is gonna be a huge day for journaling, to me of course, cause i have an idea for another journal entry. i just have to wait till i get home before i can write it. i have important data i need to put up on here which is on my computer at home, my secksie secksie computer. mmmm.. i love it so much. ::licks his computer:: i better go finish explaining this to andrew. fairwell journaly journal.
MAR 30.2002.12:58
i just realized that it's the same day as last night. i freaked out when i saw i had already written an entry for today when right now is the first time i was on it, today. so anyway, i have to read that book and do those journals on it, so i might not have time to work on the site if i actually pick up the book and start working. i don't know though, andrew is doing his on monday, so is everyone else i talked to. i feel really bad cause last night my computer screwed or something and wouldn't let me reconnect to aim or aaanything. so i kinda left alysha there.. she's probably pissed, cause we were actually talking, then i just kinda left and didn't come back. my computer probably needs a new motherboard. i think the one in it right now is cheap, that's why everything is messing with me.

why must i keep holding myself down all the time? i am only in eighth grade, even though i don't feel like it. i've been around older people my whole entire life. i grew up faster than my peers. but i guess that doesn't matter. i was told that i do act like an eighth grader. i don't really know what to think.

lately i've been working on some more music so i can come out with a demo cd with zac. we started our band, My Dixie Wrecked, a couple weeks ago, but haven't really had enough time to sit down and make some solid tracks for awhile. we keep getting distracted with our normal everyday lives. ah dang. i have to add that link to becky's sitttttteeee. i better do that now, before i put it off any longer. sorry becky. i'll do it right now. goodbye.
MAR 30.2002.24:14
listen up real good mutha. haven't had time for youz ****. tired of seeing the same crap over n' over. just went for a bike ride today. tired. hungry. thirsty. tired. i need to remind muhself to add a link for becky. screw you ryan. just screw you. maybe tomorrow i'll update like fifty times. that should be fun. well, now that i think about it, i shouldn't have time to do that, considering i have to read a book (Swalling Stones) and do journal entries on it.. that's just gonna be a pain in my ***. why don't i curse? i was brought up from parents who go paranoid when they hear 'foul language'. you hate me? i hate me. night.