Crush My Eyes

... fire.
behind your face.
..dont look,
and you dont see it..
..just grin,
show your little teeth,
rotting... from the gums,
to the last drop of blood,
pouring out..

. . .twist your rotting hair.
(strand by strand) it all falls out,
eating at your scalp..
eating at the flesh.
rip apart.
the fragile skin,
that holds us all together....

..slowly, face your fears.
not behind, but right in
of you...
look me in the eyes,
with your dull eyes,
crusted with a pale grey,
clouded over...

cant tell,
if youre real or fake,
or just deterierating...
walk away,
on your feet...
purple and blue,
blood inside,
but pouring out...
. . . not enough . . .
to kill, but enough,
to scare.

so stand still.
ignore your legs...

its not hard, when you cant see...
when your eyes arent even open.
sewn shut.
needles through each one.

friendly grin on your face.

inviting everyone over,
but no one comes...
. . .youre alone. . .
you dont know why..
but you do..

you just dont see whats wrong,
with that,
blood on your face...
whats wrong,
with the blood,
in your mouth...

the blood on the ground...