What Did Not Happen

once, i was walking along a dry dirt path, which was sucked lifeless by the sun. there was a red glow that was spread across the sky like a picnic blanket, casting soft, gentle rays on everything around. i turned to julio, and looked into his soft, black eyes, reflecting the reddish light in the sky. we were sitting upon a barnacle-encrusted bilge pipe that had washed up on shore, which slightly resembled a giant squid. he turned to me and said "don't look up." i realized his voice sounded like a woman's, with a lovely flowing british accent, and just then, as i was lost in my thoughts, a large elephant crushed me down, sending my skull down next to my foot, my internal organs squishing, and secreting bloody juices, while julio just watched solemnly, as he climbed up the elephant, and rode it into the reddish-hued sea.