Why I Am Alone

I wasn’t always depressed.
There was once a time when I was like everyone else.
Mind you, it was not I who changed
Oh no, not at all.

I am still the same as I was
When we all used to sit about, wearing the same uniform and speaking the same way.
But then something hit us.
Subtly at first, but gaining momentum quickly.
Others began to squirm
To fret in nervousness.

The whole world began to tremble.
Then I heard it
A loud shout
Someone jumped
More screams erupted.
Everyone was stampeding now, trampling their kin in panic.

I hid in the corner, unsure of what to do.
The commotion died down.
Everyone began to leave,
Except for me.
I stayed behind.

I waited for a very long time.
No one came back.
Not now, not ever

It rips through my soul like a javelin,
Making me feel like kicking, screaming, shouting.
They just had to leave me!
I could kill them!

But alas, I am weak.
So I will just sit here and weep
As a lonely, abandoned popcorn kernel.