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Within each contact box, the most used/main contact can be located with a reddish background, rather than the common grey. Most likely, everyone should contact only those in the red. All the other contacts are secondary and therefore, you may not find me on that often. My suggestion to everyone, ignore the rest and only use the main contacts. Also, these contacts are not only meant for you to contact me about this site. If you are extremely bored, which you probably are considering you're reading this, then talk to me. I'm on everyday, mostly during the evenings. Please, don't abuse the privilege of me adding all these personal ways to communicate with me on here.

Contact(kiD Deth)
AOL Instant Messenger:
d1G174L 0n3 (ADD)
Console Lucida (ADD)
StealMySolidity (ADD)

kid_deth@yahoo.com (E-MAIL)
blueicemage@yahoo.com (E-MAIL)

Yahoo! Messenger:
kid_deth (MESSAGE)
czar_byratule (MESSAGE)
blueicemage (MESSAGE)
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