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APR.04.2002(21:23) (kiD Deth)
Site Suspended
..until further notice. stay tuned if you're bored. sorry, but this is necessary.
MAR.30.2002(24:29) (kiD Deth)
finally got my act together and did a journal entry, after what, five hundred and fifty five days? notice that gay people always use fives when they're trying to exaggerate something? funny, no? no one can resist pierro. pierro is fabolous. mmm mmm. very secksie pierro. tomorrow might be a transeksual day, so check back soon to see if i actually did anything. remember, becky! she's coming.
MAR.21.2002(16:33) (Whiney Child)
Jess is here, and we are going to go outside, and set bushes on fire, while wearing no shoes! hehe.haha.meme. and so on...
MAR.20.2002(12:55) (kiD Deth)
i've been secretly working on tons of stuff for this site without telling all of you. there's tons coming up from nothing. i gave WhineyChild a page on transeksual. so hopefully i'll take the time to teach her everything she wants to know. i have a new layout for my journal (kiD Deth). i made it so that there's only one link for each day, and i took out the multiple link things with the times. i find it easier just to add one link for one day and have the person scroll down and read everything they want. there's also this unreleased page of making your own phonebook. you can view it here: tRANsEKSUAL PHONEBOOK. going to tweak a few things and maybe add a new page or some more poetry or whatnot today, on my snow day.
MAR.12.2002(20:55) (kiD Deth)
just spent like twenty minutes writing a journal, so hopefully atellis and noodles will follow through and listen to my precedent. as soon as i finish this entry i'm going to go play guitar, then add a new partner i recieved and add a new section about some non-sense. i love it. any comments, questions, or concerns, contact me. (email) ...might add a contact section while i'm at it.
MAR.10.2002(21:30) (noodles)
I traded in 4 gameboy color games to EB today. I only got 10 dollars for all of them. ALL OF THEM. I hate EB. >< i ordered pizza today. ;)
MAR.10.2002(21:23) (kiD Deth)
My journal seems to be coming along fine. i'm gonna work on getting atellis's and noodles' journal up. hopefully they'll pull through and write something in it once in awhile. i plan on getting more pictures, poems, everything. i'm thinking about adding a guitar tab section of some sort, or some type of lesson section for programming on the web and/or C++, even though i barely know any of it. new partner on it's way!
MAR.09.2002(20:01) (Atellis)
kidDeth came over today, and he was working on his outstanding journal, wow, can't wait to see how it turns out. Whoo hoo! Only 2 more months left of what they call "Pocono Mountain 'High Class' Intermediate School"...Hahahaahahhahaa.
MAR.08.2002(21:46) (kiD Deth)
lately i've been working on adding poems, as you can tell. the more i find, the better. please everyone, help me out and submit your poetry. there are no rules, no nothing. i just helped the webmaster of 'Downcast' with the banner for her site. everyone please drop by and look at her site.
MAR.07.2002(21:31) (Atellis)
Yeah, tonight at Camelback, Ryan saved my life...!! I almost died on Pocono Run. But, of course Ryan was there....and now I'm alive and in pain. I hate school.
MAR.06.2002(20:05) (kiD Deth)
rollover navigation complete. hopefully no one will notice the color difference on the Mouseout images. for some reason, when i saved them as .gifs, a few of them had 'selective' on and some had 'custom' on. i'll crack the bad images when i find the time, as for now, i'm going to waste the rest of my night adding tons of fun stuff...you know, the stuff everyone's been waiting for. give me some feedback on the navigation. thanks. instant message me with AOL or AIM here.
MAR.05.2002(21:48) (kiD Deth)
got the poemcentral up and running. poems should be shooting in like crazy soon enough. i want to make some images for the navigation bar and add some javascripting to make rollovers. can't wait. hope you enjoy all the wonderful poetry.
MAR.05.2002(19:14) (noodles)
Dude...butter could be a better masturbation lubricant than vasoline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG IM GONNA HAVE SEX WITH A SLICE OF PIZZA
MAR.04.2002(20:46) (kiD Deth)
WAAAAHHH. holy crap that scared the crap out of me. i just turned on Sweet Child O' Mine and the first thing i noticed was the song time. now, don't all piss your pants, but that certain song is five minutes and fifty six seconds (my version anyway). the width of this certain table that i'm writing in is 556 pixels. 5:56 = 556. scary, eh? well i thought so.. hey, this should go in my journal. just to let you know, i haven't actually put it up on the site yet. soon enough, i'll add a journal section for me and zac. that's where we can put all our personal crap rather than just news and updates. i added a linky to ianna's totally awesome zine site. everyone go there and buy some zines! i'm telling you, you have no idea what you're missing. we're dealing with one really talented girl here everyone, so buy, buy, buy!
FEB.19.2002(21:36) (noodles)
Hey, this is Zac. nyeahahah
FEB.19.2002(19:11) (kiD Deth)
No real time to post, I'm trying to finish up the navigation bar. Once I finish that, I'll have time to add all the pages I want, and include links to other magnificent sites. I updated the crap.blahblab.bhablkajsldfjdslkjv.skjr093jf039jfurpwuvncs,jldjfsdf. AHHHHHHH ::smashes his head against the oh-so-shiny 17 inch monitor of his:: I think I'll go take a rest. ::wipes his brow::
FEB.18.2002(13:16) (kiD Deth)
Oh yeah, once the layout is perfect, I will add tons of sections. Zac is coming over today. I think we're gonna watch a movie or something, then get some pr0n. Tomorrow everyone is back in school, so the work on here will start to slow up. By next week, I want to have a couple sections complete and all the layout perfect. Gotta go get some clothes..and eat.
FEB.18.2002(12:42) (kiD Deth)
I am pretty satisfied with the layout for now. However, the links still need a lot of work. I want to get a fancy navigation panel going on. Should be pretty seksy when I'm done. Blowjobs are very welcome. Thanks.
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